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Join Prestwood Colts & Girls FC

Join Prestwood Colts & Girls FC

User 19095431 Jun 2019 - 11:41
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Join Prestwood Colts & Girls FC

Join Prestwood Colts & Girls FC
- Mark Bowring

You are probably here as you have recently received an email requesting you to Join Prestwood Colts & Girls FC, and to add your child to their new tam for the 2019/2020 season. Below is a copy of the email sent by the club on 01st June 2019.

Prestwood Colts & Girls FC are delighted to announce that we will be launching a new club website for the 2019/2020 season. The new website has been built using the Pitchero platform, which some of you may be familiar with. The new website will incorporate all teams from all age groups, meaning for the first time our entire club will be in one place. Once you have registered (see steps below), we will be able to send you all of the information needed for the upcoming season.

It is imperative that ALL parents and players are registered on the new portal a minimum of SIX weeks prior to the start of the season. Registering is easy, and you can register now by following the steps below. NB. If you are already registered on Pitchero you will be prompted to log in. Once logged in;

• Navigate to the contact page from the menu bar, and select JOIN CLUB

• Apply for roles (you must select “Parent” in order to add your child)

• Add child details

• Assuming that your child is not playing at another club, if you/they are attached to another club in Pitchero (I know some age groups already use Pitchero), please LEAVE that club to avoid any confusion. You can do this by clicking “Your Account” Click on the club you wish to leave, then select “leave Club” from the quick links section.


1 - On a PC goto

2 – On the top right of your screen select the green button called “JOIN THIS CLUB”

3 – Complete the requested fields

4 – Accept the terms of service

5 – Select ROLE – IMPORTANT – If your child plays you MUST select “Parent”. Coaches may select the Coach role AND Parent Role

6 – Begin typing your child’s name (If they are already registered on Pitchero they will appear. If they are not, or they do not appear select “Click here if your child is not on the list.

7 – Select which team they will be playing in THIS COMING SEASON. If you are unsure please contact your current year groups coach(es) for confirmation

8 – The following page will display

9 – Check your email address and click “Confirm my email address”.

Finally, if anyone experiences any difficulty please contact the WEB ADMIN “Mark Bowring” on 07920 221 137, or via email



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